Close Range Photogrammetry and Laser Scanning



The measurement and reconstruction of 3D objects is essential in many fields of knowledge, from the industrial to extract profiles, sections and volumes of industrial parts, going through the building to find out movements of materials or infrastructure scaled cartographies, including the world of cultural heritage conservation and restoration, and particularly at heritage documentation of sites or architectural monuments, or archaeological prospecting and excavations and museum artifacts. Our group makes use of high-end procedures that seek to automate most of the tasks of spatial measuring, without the need for physical contact by means of multisensorial photographic images and/or three-dimensional whiskbroom laser scanning technology. The advantages associated with the techniques of close range photogrammetry are many, stressing the accuracy that is achieved in the generation of digital surface models, reducing processing times, as well as the ability of texturing the photographic images onto the digital models in 2D, for generating 2D digital orthophotos or orthoimages, and in 3D, for generating photorealistic movies and animations.

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